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Let's face it. In today's society all you hear about is using technology in the classroom. We go from podcasts to PowerPoint and from wikis to whatever comes to mind. It's enough to make your head spin! Many teachers don't know where to start or how to begin once they get an idea. It used to be that using a computer's software was all you had to do in your classroom to be considered an expert in technology. Knowing how to teach your students to use word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software made you look and feel like a Technical God. That cloud has blown away my friends and another storm has started raining on your parade, so to speak. Now there is more to the computer than using the software. In fact, today, most computer teachers rely on the Internet and teach more information technology in the classroom. There is more collaboration among teachers to incorporate the curriculum and standards in the computer lab. This blog has been created to help any classroom teacher with technology integration no matter what subject is taught.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What is considered technology, you ask?

Technology is a set of tool used to enhance teaching and learning.
Technology is a great way to provide differentiated instruction.
Technology is anything electronic:
• Scanners
• Computers
• Still cameras
• Video camera
• iPods
• Microphones
• Speakers
• Hand Held Devices (Graphing Calculators, PDA’s , Science Probes, etc.)
• Interactive White Boards
• DVD (interactive)
• Overhead Projectors

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